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What Car?

A question which often crops up these days is that of car choice. With petrol prices soaring, cars taxed on engine size, and the green agenda pushed to the fore, just what is the best option?

So what are the issues affecting your choice?

1. Fuel tax  – the government raises some £23,000,000,000 per year from fuel taxation. It’s not going to give that up in a hurry, so high petrol prices are here to stay.

4×42. Of that, only a small portion is spent on maintaining the road network, and current projections suggest that the British road network will reach capacity by 2015

3. Congestion charging – the government is seriously thinking about charging you to use a road network that will by then already be full (see 2, above) and in part offset this new charge by lowering fuel charges

4. With roads at capacity, nobody will be moving very fast. Thus charging for road use by the mile will not be feasible. If nobody’s moving, they won’t make any money. Obviously, therefore, any road charging scheme will have to be based on charging by time spent on the road.

5. If that sounds silly, consider this – ITV makes most of its money by charging viewers to vote on such pointless topics as who is the greatest living Briton – the British public really is gullible to fall for this sort of scheme – charging people to sit in traffic jams on undermaintained roads will be a no-brainer for the government

6. The logical conclusion then, with roads clogged, is to get off the roads – buy an off-road capable 4×4. You might pay slightly higher vehicle tax, but fuel charges will be lower, and you can avoid road charging altogether.


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