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According to the  new “voluntary agreement” between ministers and the drinks industry will see alcoholic drinks in the UK carrying government health warnings by 2008.

BBC Story 

Naturally with such an anouncement, details were scarce while the government gauges public reaction and works out a spreadsheet to balance up all the potential Health Service savings,  alcohol duty implications, and vote losses – so in the absense of any statistics that prove otherwise, The Nanny Coach conducted our own tests over the Bank Holiday weekend (it was raining, so the pub seemed as good an idea as any).

As public health minister Caroline Flint put it herself – this is about helping people to make the right choices.

So here are the safe alcohol limits (per evening) for men and women:


Units Effects
0 Boring fart
1-2 Designated driver
3-4 Loosening up
5-6 Party animal
7-9 Beer goggles alert
10-14 Drunken twat
15- Risk of vomit


Units Effects
0 Nice girl
1-5 Ladette
6+ Tart

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